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While sitting contemplating and enjoying a slice of Black Forest Cake after a tasty meal of Broccoli Salad, Rice and Salmon, I am thinking these easy recipes really should be passed on to other cooks to try, as suggested by my daughter, for different cooking and baking ideas.

Eating is one of our joys in life, as long as we do it in moderation, so we should cook and bake the best recipes we can find.

The kitchen will always be the central hub of activities whether for one person or families, for tasty meals to bedtime snacks, filled cookie jars to dip into, and cakes to enjoy.

Cooks Recipe Central shows you that great cooking does not have to be costly or take a long time to prepare. Most of the ingredients for these recipes are staples in your kitchen already.

Creating healthy and tasty meals on a limited budget also becomes ever more important as food costs keep rising and we are always looking for ways to save money and become a wiser grocery shopper.

By planning ahead you can create healthy and nutritious meals which are tasty, wholesome, economical and easy to prepare.

Make a pot roast using an economical cut of beef like a cross rib roast or eye of round roast for your Sunday dinner, and save leftovers for a different meal of beef and noodles, or another casserole dish, or hot beef sandwiches.

By buying chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts you can create more budget wise recipes which are just as nutritious. Or cooking chicken soup with a whole chicken for a wonderful broth, then using part of the meat for chicken salad sandwiches or a chicken, tomato and pasta or rice casserole dish.

On these pages you will also find very cost effective and easy recipes like potato pancakes, how to make a canned corned beef gravy, and other frugal cooking recipes.

Canning fresh fruit and tomatoes when in season and making your own jams and pickles without a lot of additives is also very satisfying.

So take a look at these free online recipes, most of which are old recipes, from soups and salads to great casserole dishes, cookies, cakes, and canning.

Try a recipe or two from Cooks Recipe Central, and they may just become a "Keeper" in your kitchen, like they are in mine.

So, enjoy these free recipes for the love of cooking, and I always look forward with great pleasure to hearing your comments.

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