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There are so many great cooking web sites on the Internet, that it's difficult to find all of them.

Through surfing and searching, I have found some very informative cooking web sites that I would like to share with you.

So check out these interesting and resourceful links to all things cooking and other great sites, where you will find a lot of good information and more recipes for your cooking, baking, and dining pleasure to try from around the world.

Check often as I continue to add more interesting and helpful cooking and related links!

The First Time Cook - Just left home? Need to learn to cook? Let's get started!

Best Burger Recipes - Simply the very best burger recipes from all over the globe. It's the A-Z of hamburger cooking!

Savor The Rhubarb - "Savor The Rhubarb, Make Your Taste Buds Come Alive" - Learn to plant and harvest a rhubarb garden. Also learn to make wonderful dishes from your produce.

The Meat Source - How to identify, select and cook beef & pork to perfection. The best cuts, cooking tips, instructions, illustrations, recipes and much more.

Homemade Soup Recipes - A collection of homemade soup recipes, plus detailed instructions on how to create your own unique soup recipes.

The Picnic Site - Inspiration and ideas to help you plan a perfect picnic, casual or formal, easy or gourmet. Includes recipes and games.

Shrimp Magic - if you enjoy cooking with shrimp, check out this fun site for some great tips and magic recipes.

Pickles and Spices - Savor the Aroma, Taste the Flavor, Spread the Passion. A very interesting and informative site.

Outdoor Cooking - The Best tips and information on outdoor cooking methods, equipment and supplies as well as delicious outdoor cooking recipes and food safety.

Quick and Easy Recipes - Your source for quick facts, simple cooking, dessert and dinner ideas from around the world.

Easy Cooking Recipes - All kinds of easy cooking recipes such as chicken, beef, pizza, pasta and salad.

My Dominican Food - Do you know how to cook dominican food? This is the right site to learn. Prepare all your cookware because soon you will enjoy delicious dominican recipes like White Rice with Red Beans and Chicken, Vegetable Fried Rice, Macaroni Salad, our Tasty Sweet Creamed Beans & more. Let's cook Latino Style!

Amazing Chinese Food - Delightful Chinese food experience in modern time. These time-tested Chinese recipes will let you celebrate your life Chinese style. Both your taste buds and nutrition needs will be satisfied.

Simply Stews - Simple stew recipes to create the ultimate comfort food this winter. Stew recipes for beef chicken pork, turkey, rabbit, pork, and lamb. Other recipes for chilis, stroganoffs, gumbos, wild game recipes, + crock pot / slow cooker stew recipes too.

Simply Salads - Simple salad recipes for everyday healthy eating. Recipes for green salads, pasta, seafood, sandwich salads, fruit salads, dessert salads plus dressings and dips.

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