Quick Easy Appetizers

These quick easy appetizers are all very good simple appetizer recipes to serve to family, or make into easy party appetizers for a larger group of people.

Most of them only use a few ingredients. Appetizer dip recipes like the shrimp dip to be served with crackers, and spinach dip served in a bread bowl or with slices of a baguette loaf of bread are great appetizer recipes and always disappear quickly.

Then there are asparagus appetizers, which take a little work but are delicious and well worth the trouble, and other colorful holiday appetizer recipes.

A fresh tomato salsa recipe, great summer appetizers served with tortilla chips, and also easy fresh vegetable appetizers using crescent rolls.

Some of these simple appetizer recipes can be made up ahead of time, then frozen and heated up as needed.

Try a few of these free online recipes and enjoy.

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Crab Dip Appetizer

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Easy Shrimp Dip

Fresh Tomato Salsa

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Nacho Dip

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

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Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

Vegan Appetizers

Top of Quick Easy Appetizers

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Helpful Hint

Open vacuum sealed jars by doing this:

  • turn jar upside down
  • knock on hard surface (kitchen counter) a couple of times
  • this will break the seal
  • jar should open easily

Soften cream cheese by:

  • cutting the block into cubes
  • add to bowl which was rinsed with hot water
  • or
  • microwave on very low setting stirring often

Decorate appetizer platter by placing:

  • thin raw carrot sticks
  • olives
  • bits of fresh kale
  • curly parsley
  • cherry tomatoes, which have been scored with an X, with a dab of mayo placed on top in the center
  • any of the above will look very nice placed amongst your appetizers.